Congratulations and welcome to my website.  I am based in Sherwood Park but have done many ceremonies in the larger Edmonton area.  I love being a Marriage Commissioner and truly am honoured and pleased to be the Marriage Commissioner for any and all couples wanting to get married.  I’ve performed wedding ceremonies in large hotel ballrooms, back yards, living rooms, parks, boat docks, decks, as well in my own home when needed.

My goal is to support you through your wedding day so that it is enjoyable, memorable, everything you had hoped for and even relaxing!!    I strive to make the ceremony that meets your wishes.


Wedding traditions such as the Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony, Rose Exchange, Smudge Ceremonies, etc. are all welcome additions to the ceremony and help signify the importance of this day.  Some people want a poem or reading included in the ceremony and again, it is whatever the couple wants in their ceremony that I encourage and support. Although Alberta Marriage Commissioners are not themselves able to perform a religious aspect to this ceremony, I certainly encourage those that want a prayer, blessing or scripture reading at their ceremony to include a family member or friend to come up and do so.


I feel I offer a relaxed approach that is dignified and meaningful.  I would enjoy working together with you to make your ceremony a joyful beginning to your married life, whether it is a large and formal affair or a small intimate gathering.

I also perform a Civil Ceremony for those couples lucky enough to plan a destination wedding.  It is quite common to have an Alberta Civil Ceremony first, then enjoy your destination wedding without the worry of blood tests, residency requirements, etc.

Please feel free to send me an email or phone call.  I feel my prices are reasonable as you can see on the fees tab of this website. I will happily send you any info you may need (such as how to access your marriage license, etc.).

Darlene Duggan